Hey sorry to tx, on sat night but had to tell you. I ran so fast today at agility workshop you won’t believe. Not too puffed either. I did take a brufen a it was going to be a long day but I’ve never ran that fast for years. Thanks for your help. Also need to talk to you about other agility people training, very keen.

Feel on a real high, so thank you .

JJ Marldon


Having received personal training in pilates from Paul, I can honestly say that the tuition is superb. Each week the sessions have challenged me to work harder than I would on my own and I have really noticed the difference in my strength, muscle tone and balance, all having improved significantly.

Paul demonstrates each exercise well and is a very supportive and encouraging trainer.  I would highly recommend him.

HL Exeter


Thanks for the sports massage on Sunday it was magic.

Both Achilles tendons are fine as are the carpals in the left foot (that’s the foot I used to use to push away from the swimming pool wall every length). I use the right foot now.

Some word of mouth recommendations are exaggerated but on this occasion, they are right about your healing hands.

Nobody has managed to get straight to the problem like that.

The best of a series of osteopaths, kinesiologists, physiotherapists and others was Robert Wheeler of Braunton. a good hockey player, who like you had “benefited” (I would think) from suffering the same injury.

Thank you,   JM Bovey

I first visited Paul with major problems with my hands!  Lack of movement, numbness, no strength etc.  This impacted on my every day life, especially my favourite hobby of golf!  I found it difficult to even hold onto a club let alone follow through and hit a ball.    BUT after one visit the difference was nothing short of magical.
I had been under the NHS for 8 months but one visit to Paul….wow
Four visits down the line and I truly feel Paul has turned my life around.  I continue with his exercises for further improvement, but I am truly grateful …… it sure worked for me….Thankyou.”
CL Newton Abbot
I have suffered with lower back and hip pain for around 15 years following a fall.  I had received physio from the hospital but this did not help, in fact it made it worse.  After speaking with a friend, she recommended that I contact Paul to see if he could help me.  The pain I had when walking was so bad sometimes that I would have to hold onto objects to move around.
I contacted Paul and received an appointment very quickly.  I was a little skeptical at first because I did not think he would be able to help and reduce the pain however after just 2 sessions I felt so much better and have been pretty much pain free since then.  I now attend his Pilate classes once a week and carry on with exercises he has given me every day.  The transformation is amazing and I cannot thank Paul enough.
CN Newton
Hip testimonial
In April 2018 I was diagnosed with acute Gluteal tendinopathy in my right hip. After three physiotherapy appointments through the summer, and a steroid injection in August 2018 nothing was helping. I would struggle to walk up stairs, or walk for any long periods of time. Playing golf once a week was very painful, even after taking Ibuprofen which only ‘took the edge’ off the pain.
Just when I was wondering whether I would need to make a hospital appointment to see a specialist, Paul scheduled a hip strengthening circuit training session as part of his weekly circuit training classes.
I can’t begin to describe the improvement in my hip strength. Literally within two weeks I noticed a huge improvement.  My hip is now a lot less painful and with each week of doing these exercises it’s getting stronger by following Paul’s exercise routine. I can now play golf twice a week without any issues.

After many months of suffering from a painful arm, shoulder and neck and then lower back, I was was persuaded to see Paul by my son who hashed successful treatment from Paul himself. After just one session it was almost instant relief all rounded the days that followed it improved even more. Now, three treatments and two deep tissue massages later, I’m feeling like a new person. My mother and brother have also seen Paul and had similar results.Thank you Paul for making my body feel young again.

GH Dartington

MS Ipplepen

10st 5lb to 9st 2lb in 6 weeks and feeling great about my achievement and I am so pleased with the results, but none of it would of been possible without the help of Paul.  I know to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more but I felt I couldnt do it on my own and asked Paul for his help.  Together we agreed a realistic weight lose goal, and devised an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan to help me achieve that goal.  My goal was to lose 9lbs in 6 weeks, in fact I reached it in 3 weeks.  I set a new goal, which I hit, then another goal which to my surpise and delight I surpassed.  I cant thank Paul enough for all his help, encouragement and supprt.  I would highly recommend Paul to my friends and anyone wanting to lose weight, get fitter and feel great about themselves.

CD Totnes

When everything was getting a bit too tight I knew it was time to do something about it and with Paul’s persuasion and help it has been an achievable and enjoyable journey. Setting goals that were within reach. I’m having a great time getting fit and eating better than ever.

JF Ipplepen

A huge thankyou once again for coming to my rescue. I came to you having had keyhole surgery for gall bladder removal. My main concern was tremendous neck pain, caused by weeks of hunching and crunching my neck and shoulder muscles. When I saw you I was in a pretty sorry state!
However you worked your usual magic and provided me with instant relief from the neck pain. I cant thank you enough, and find it very comforting to know you that you are there in times of pain and distress.
Best wishes

Dear Paul,
How wonderful to have lost those 16lbs and be in a more healthy weight range.  Without your calm encouragement and guidance I may not have achieved this.  I have one more goal to attain, so I’ve not quite finished yet!
You have taught me to set realistic goals and given me the dietary knowledge and exercise skills to attain them.  When I had a weight plateau problem  you helped me realise the solution.  You had great ideas to help with my exercise routine to build strength and muscle.  Weight loss is not everything.
Thank you for your patient mentoring, without which I may still have been only “talking”. about getting healthier and fitter.  Instead, I have signed up to swim  the “Diabetes Challenge 22” over the next 3 months.  During that time I hope to swim 22 miles, the width of the Channel, in the swimming pool.  In that time I may even reach my last weight loss goal!
I know I can come to you in the future for any help I may need with my healthy and fitness, and would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend.
WA Holcombe

I had signed up to do the Stoke Gabriel 10k which is quite a tough off road race but I had a niggle in the top of my left, outer thigh. I asked Paul if he could fix it for me and he said to come in for a treatment asap, it was the Tuesday before the race. Paul gave me a deep tissue massage to free everything up, it felt a bit bruised for a day or two but come race day my leg was fine. I had a good race and was completely pain free with a full range of movement even going up all the hills and over some very uneven ground.


LL Goodrington

Bowen “what is that” it’s AMAZING ….😁
I had my first experience yesterday… my hips are out of balance and caused me discomfort on a daily basis also effects what I wear.
So when Paul suggested Bowen 😳 I agreed not knowing anything about it but had full trust in Paul as I’ve been treated by him for the past 2 years… it’s a gentle and very relaxing treatment which lets your own body do the work… sounds crazy I know!!!
All I can say is give it a go …

Loving my new Hips amazing… so happy 😁

SR Torbay

Subject: Hay fever and tennis elbow

Comment: I’ve been a long sufferer of hay fever and was surprised how good I felt after a Bowen session that targeted it. After Paul’s treatment, my breathing felt a lot better and as strange as it sounds everything feels completely uncongested.

During the same treatment I mentioned to Paul about a tennis elbow strain on my right elbow… been rubbing pain relief gel on it with no improvement …. Paul’s treatment has made my elbow a lot better now, with no pain when moving my arm!!

Thanks for the lovely welcome back this week having had three months away.
GH Totnes
It was great to get back to circuits and Pilates however following a great session of what seemed fairly easy (wishful thinking)I was really pleased I managed to pretty much keep up. ..even after being told to take things down a pace if needed…( note to self. .listen next time! )
The next day was rather uncomfortable with feeling like my arms and legs did not belong to my body…..
However…the day after. .10 times worse!
Walking down the stairs one stair at a time…inability to lift arms…hoping that I don’t drop anything as my thighs would give in and I wouldn’t be able to get back up from the floor!
Doesn’t help when I get a call from yourself and you made me laugh which felt like my ribs were fractured. .ha ha!
A great return all the same and can’t wait until next week! You’ll be pleased all my aching has resulted in two referral cards being handed out! !
See you Wednesday
LS Torquay

Well Iam happy to say that it dose not hurt when Iam pitching now thank god for that . Thanks Paul Rosati sorting me out get me better with in 3 weeks


After a walking holiday I developed a severe pain in the top of the foot and shin area. My Doctor recommended 6 month rest which did not sound inviting and I decided to seek Pauls advice.
Paul designed a series of exercises to strengthen the weakness and after a month I am now walking comfortably and without pain.
I strongly recommend Paul for advice on any injury.

For months/years as you are aware I have suffered from severe back pain which resulted in regular visits to my GP and meant  seeing  Physiotherapists, along with doses of non effective pain killers which I have not wanted to take but some days have had little choice.

However since being recommended by a good friend and after three subsequent visits to your surgery the difference in my pain relief is remarkable, not only has my back pain reduced to virtually zero but my walking and posture have been improved vastly..

I would like to say thank you not only for my present relief but also for the knowledge that you are available to me if any reoccurrence should appear..

I would have no problem in recommending you to any of my friends who suffer from painful muscular problems for your help and advice.

Once again thank you very much.

Kind regards EH

I needed to get fit for a walking holiday in the Cevennes mountains in the South of France. I had been finishing a book over the winter, ie sitting down a lot, had put on some weight and was suffering from painful knees. I’m 67years old. Paul designed a tough schedule for me.

I walked every day: every week I was to take one long walk (10 miles), two shorter walks (5-8 miles) and four ‘constitutionals’. In addition I was to swim once a week and continue in the Pilates class. He also suggested ways to take my diet in hand, and some exercises for the knees. Paul took me out walking on Dartmoor twice, to stretch me further.

This programme lasted for six weeks.

The highlights:

I managed the tough walking schedule in the Cevennes Mountains in France (70 miles in 6 days, much of it steeply up or down).

I really enjoyed the Dartmoor walks, with Paul and on my own.

I could see I had got fitter, lost weight and although slow, could get up those hills.

What Paul added

Paul helped me define my goal: to get fit for a strenuous French walking holiday.

His feedback gave me confidence and encouragement, like showing me how to deal with rasping breathlessness. He had good ideas to make daily walking more interesting: walking new routes, by the sea or on Dartmoor, sending him photos as I completed them.

I’m now working on maintaining my fitness with Paul in a new programme.

CL Ipplepen

Paul’s training has given my running real focus. His targets have been challenging and really motivating. I have two young children, run my own business and volunteer for several hours a week. Despite all these other pressures of life (that I am sure lots of people would recognise in their own) I really look forward to sessions with Paul – both one-to-one training that directly supports my running technique, as well as Pilates classes. I also really respect the approach Paul has to helping runners like me understand our own training. He has supported me to get the most out of sessions I do on my own, as well as when I run with friends or participate in organised events. I also now incorporate Pilates into my training across the week and this, with Paul’s classes has improved my strengthen, recovery after running and just generally my ability to keep fit and well. I’ve been running for years but never enjoyed it as much. Thanks Paul!

CL Ipplepen

Paul offers a welcoming environment in which I felt totally relaxed- instantly! I received an Indian Head massage where Paul focused on my areas of tension, I could feel such a difference in my shoulders, it was amazing! He has a great touch and I left feeling super! I will definitely be booking another!

CM Ipplepen

After years of lower back pain and latterly problems with my neck, shoulder and knees I was recommended to go and see Paul. I had my first Bowen session and was so surprised the next day to find I could go up and down stairs virtually pain free !

My back problem meant first thing in the morning I found I was listing to one side and it would take me a few minutes to be able to straighten myself up but after my second Bowen session I found I was completely back in line and I have stayed that way since.

I would also recommend Paul’s Sports Massage it got rid of all the tension I had in my shoulders and neck.

Paul is very patient and excellent at explaining what he is doing and what benefits you should get from his treatments.

I have also had Indian Head Massage by Paul , his technique was really good and I found the whole experience very relaxing.

N.B. Ipplepen .

I want to send you a brief note to say how pilates and the way you present it has helped me so much with general mobility and fitness.  I notice my back strengthening particularly now as gardening becomes my major task with a lot of moving of pots, working the soil, moving of compost bags and carrying watering cans.  In the past much of my gardening would have been done kneeling down and always at the end of the day ending up with a sore lower back.  Now I can work for hours, obviously being careful how I move, but the difference is very noticeable and I have no back pain at all.  As a result the garden looks lovely, and I continue to move freely and painlessly!!  I am so pleased I found one of Paul’s pilates groups.

With best wishes, MG Bickington

Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I can’t thank her enough! I have suffered for years with weakness to my L5 following a herniated disc. In December I could barely walk with pain to my lower back, buttocks and legs. The hospital surgeon said I had a dysfunctional back after years of adapting movements to compensate for pain. Their only solution was I needed to go back to basics and learn how to move.  Easier said than done when every movement causes pain!  
That’s where Paul came in with bowen therapy and a not so fluffy sports massage! It has taken a few months but  I am now able to move enough to  attend Paul’s pilates class as well. I can almost touch my toes again!!. 
Without having Bowen Therapy I really don’t know where I would be now so I can not recommend Paul highly enough to everybody. 
Thanks Paul

CB Community Nurse

I visited Paul recently as I had lower back pain, this was on a Friday and I was due to race in the Cockington Christmas Caper on the Saturday. Paul suggested Bowen Treatment rather than a sports massage so that I could do the race. I had previously been sceptical of Bowen but Paul identified my problem as being in the hamstrings and upper back resulting in lower back pain. After the treatment I was pain free and went on to win the O65 cup in the race.


Dear Paul, As you are aware I came to see you on the recommendation of my wife because I was suffering badly with lower back pain in the area of the pelvis.After a short consultation period you went on to perform the BOWEN technique on me.I felt a lot better after this and you gave me a set of exercises to carry out until I saw you a week later. I returned for my next appointment and all I can say is that I felt a new man, free from any pain. So finally I wish to thank you most sincerely for all your help in making me that new man.Thank you very much.

DL Paignton

Hi Paul, thank you so much for the Bowen Treatment today, it has helped immensely! You were thoughtful and kind which was much appreciated. See you on Sunday

DB Newton

Over the last 18 months I’ve been plagued with injury that stopped me doing what I wanted to do most – running. I had entered several events and then had to pull out because of problems with either my calf or achilles. This year I recovered and was finally able to complete a half marathon. In October and November I had entered two more races but just a couple of weeks before the first one I suffered a calf strain and once again i was disappointed and it looked as if I wasn’t going to be able to participate in either race. However, Paul fitted me in for some treatments and gave me some help and very good advice which I followed and thanks to this I managed to complete and enjoy both races.

SM Torbay

I had a very painful neck and shoulders when I first went to Paul. I had Bowen treatment which helped immensely. Now I have a massage once a month and feel like a new person!! I would highly recommend Paul!!
Karen Newton Abbot


I have always been a great believer in the Bowen Technique but finding a good practitioner can be a problem.  I have found one in Paul.  In addition to the Bowen work, he is able to offer other techniques to complement Bowen and advise on exercises to be done after the sessions.  I am very pleased with the results of my sessions and plan to keep up with maintenance sessions at regular intervals.

CE Kingsbridge.

Thanks for the great sports massage. I ran on Sunday and felt like a different person. My legs certainly needed it. I will book in again the next time I am down in Devon.


I’ve been suffering from pain in my shoulder/neck region for around 2 years now – to the point where I was finding myself unable to sleep. I tried osteopathy, numerous massages and even acupuncture – all to no effect. I can honestly say that after just 3 sessions of Bowen treatment with Paul, I am no longer suffering from persistent pain, in fact symptoms have been reduced by 95% and I now have unrestricted movement in my neck and shoulder region. Most importantly though, I am now able to sleep due to the reduction in pain. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from significant muscle aches/tension/cramps.

NA Preston

I had suffered with back pain for about 3 weeks. The pain had got worse every day. It had got so bad that, at one point, I couldn’t even walk or stand up straight. Putting one foot in front of the other was impossible and I had to shuffle whilst holding onto something to steady me.

I went to see Paul Rosati from Fit4Life and he recommended Bowen Therapy – he fitted me in for treatment the same day due to my predicament. The thought of someone even touching my back was scary as I was in so much pain but he promised that the treatment was none invasive.

I had three treatments over about 2 and a half weeks and Paul gave me some gentle exercises to do in between. I was amazed! My back was completely better by the end of the third week and I haven’t had any problems since.

I would like to thank Paul for his fast response and gentle approach and would highly recommend him to anyone with aches, pains and strains.

If anyone would like to ask me any questions about the treatment I had with Paul, I would be more than happy for them to contact me on 07890 720184.

Lorraine Littlewood Paignton

What can I say Paul, thankyou so much for curing my neck whiplash injury. I wasn’t a great believer of therapies, but after 2 sessions it is cured and I can lift my arms above my head! I can work pain free, absolutely amazing, I eat my own words and am recommending you to everyone. Thanks again.

DD Brixham

So as we are all aware hayfever season is well and truly upon us. I, for one have really suffered this year and have been dosed up to the eyeballs.
Imagine my surprise when I got the chance to try Bowen as a remedy for hayfever. To say I was a doubting Thomas would be an understatement! However Paul worked his magic and I was blown away.
I felt that huge weight on my sinuses lift, I could breathe again and the difference has been immeasurable. I guess a huge thing was feeling relaxed as with the hayfever my face,neck is always tense because of congestion or squinting.
I didn’t need any more nasal sprays that day or in fact the following, no more eye drops either! It’s almost like magic and I would recommend it to anyone, it only takes about 5 minutes and the relief it brings surpassed my every expectation.
Thanks so so much amazing!!

BL Paignton

I had been suffering from what seemed like a trapped nerve in the hip flexor for in excess of 12 months and having tried a chiropractor and physio there was very little improvement. An MRI scan was suggested but reluctant to do this I decided to give the Bowen technique a try (I was a bit sceptical!).

I noticed an immediate improvement and having now had just 4 treatments I consider that it is 90% better. In the last week I have done 3 hours of Pilates, swimming, badminton and an aerobics class plus dog walking with no ill effects – brilliant! Thank you.

LD Newton

Hi Paul, I thought I should write and let you know how the treatment for my bursitis went. The Doctor would have drained it but told me it would probably come back and I should leave it for 8 weeks. I was sceptical but the Bowen and apple cider vinegar has done the job, a great result with the swelling gone in five weeks. Thank you.

SM Torbay

Paul gave a demonstration of his Bowen technique on my dodgy shoulder. The difference he made in the 5 minutes he worked on it was amazing. The ache disappeared, my posture was immediately better but the best is that the improvement has lasted. What he could achieve during a course of treatments would be incredible.”

EG Ipplepen

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the massage I received last week. It was one of the most therapeutic treatments I have received. It relieved all the stress and pain. Thank you.

CA Torquay

I had an accident 37 years ago and since then I have had a lot of pain in my neck, and could not raise my arms much above my shoulders. When my grand daughter wanted my attention and she wasn’t in front of me i had to turn my whole body round to be able to see her.After Paul’s treatments I have regained full use of my neck and shoulders with little or no pain, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

TR Brixham

I love my Pilates classes, and Paul has helped my hip pain with both Bowen and massage. He has made me feel comfortable and been respectful when I was a bit shy. Thanks Paul

HR Ipplepen

My work can be very physical, I went to see Paul because I felt crippled and I could not work. I came away feeling like an athlete, but seriously the relief was unbelievable. I am back to work.

RA Brixham

I would like to thank Paul Rosati for all the advice, encouragement and help in training he has given me. I had run some half marathons and enjoyed doing them but all had taken me over 2 hours. I really wanted to beat this time and run one in under 2 hours but wasn’t finding it an easy thing to do. However, with Paul’s help I ran the Bournemouth Half Marathon this month in 1 hour 58 minutes and am absolutely delighted.

HM Paignton

The environment Paul created and professional manner were fabulous and that’s before he started!! I had the Bowen treatment in lieu of others, unsure of what this was exactly any worries were put to rest. I had the most amazing session getting myself realigned and my dodgy shoulder was looked after. I am looking forward to my next session as I believe this will be of benefit to me, injury or not. As someone who rarely relaxes this was a joy, to feel calmer, soothed and I felt I stood taller than I have in years. Thank you

BL Torquay

I got round the salcombe half yesterday. Best one I’ve done yet. Couldn’t have even attempted it if you hadn’t had a go at my back. Thank you.

CL Bishopsteignton

Day before yesterday I was awful, really stiff. Good work I won last night!!!!!!

PM Ipplepen

I am writing to say a huge thank you for the work you have done on my hip.  I am absolutely amazed at how quickly you were able to rectify the problem.  I am also glad to report the problem has been trouble free since the treatment enabling me to continue with my exercise programme.

SO Torquay

When I first visited Paul I was in considerable pain and could barely move my head at all, in fact my eyes could move more to the left and right than my head could. Paul was gentle with his technique, but I can not deny that there were a few twanging moments. I could not believe the relief that I felt by the time he was finished, because I was totally mobile again, I had no pain at all by the time Paul was finished.

On my second visit I was re-aligned by the invigorating Bowens technique that Paul practises. A very strange experience with small and subtle movements which made giant impacts to the way my body now feels. With the help of Paul’s point in the right direction, I left feeling very relaxed and standing very tall and proper. It is a weird sensation to have your muscles where they should be and quite a challenge to rid myself of all those years of bad postural habits.
SE Kingsteignton

Excellent treatment that resolved my problems, good all round service and very relaxing.

JD Brixham

I found paul very professional and knowledgable, I was suffering with severe back and leg pain which Paul’s treatment relieved. I would use and recommend Paul again, Many Thanks.

RA Brixham

The Pros and Cons of outdoor circuits on Goodrington Sands at 06:30am:Con: you have to get up at ridiculous o’clock. Pro: you are up early for the day Con: you get sand EVERYWHERE Pro: you get to see the sunrise over the sea Pro: you feel so energised that you go for a run after Con: you can no longer climb the stairs or sit down to go to the loo! urrrghhhhh!

CJ Torbay

A top-quality personalised workout with good company and fabulous surroundings. It’ll really set you up for the week!
GH Torbay
Boot camp is a fantastic way to start the day. I can’t say that I’ve always felt like getting up so early in the morning but I’ve always enjoyed it when I got there and been glad that I’ve gone. The training is a definite help in my bid to tone up and improve general fitness.
HHY Paignton
I never thought that I would look forward to Monday mornings, or that training on the beach at 6.30 am could be so much fun. I feel that the 6 weeks of boot camp has gone a long way to improving my fitness.
SWL Paignton

I’d suffered some whiplash in my shoulder and neck area which was getting very painful and unbearable. A couple of Bowen sessions with Paul put things right. After the first session the pain had gone and the second session made sure everything was ok.

GH Dartington

Paul has helped me transform my body and even complete my first marathon.His training classes are motivating and fun; he is very approachable and provides encouragement without being over bearing. Paul inspires confidence and self belief. During classes he listens to peoples requirements and amends his training accordingly. I look forward to each session as each one is different from the last. The sports massage and Bowen treatments received from Paul have greatly aided my running performance.  I have been able to remain injury free during training and races. Paul also gives useful tips to reduce the occurrence of strains and knots. I have no hesitation recommending Paul to others for either training or massage

LS Torquay

The preschoolers (aged between 3-5yrs) thoroughly enjoyed the series of physical education workshops that Paul provided. He incorporated Pilates, games and improvisational exercises, teaching the children fun, functional fitness. They learnt about their bodies and movement in order to build strength, develop balance and coordination and build up confidence all in a spontaneous, creative manner. The children loved him!

Pre School Manager Torquay

I was already running 3 or 4 times a week when it was suggested that circuit training would be beneficial. I wasn’t too sure but gave it a go and have been amazed by the difference that it has made. I’m fitter now than I have been in a long time and have toned up and lost weight. There is still room for improvement but I’m a lot further on than I was and although I’ve never found Paul’s classes easy they are always enjoyable and I love the results that I’m seeing and feeling.

Mrs HM Brixham

I was very sceptical about Bowen but had tried all sorts of things to sort out my 10 year sciatica problem. I felt more mobile after the first Bowen session and now I feel a thousand times better – there’s no comparison. Plus doing regular training sessions means my lower back is better supported now. I’d recommend Paul to anyone who has suffered like me.

MR GH Totnes

Paul’s sports massage has really helped my lower leg muscles from being in agony whilst running to be as loose as ever – not the most pleasurable experience for a couple of seconds but the phrase no pain no gain holds true with Paul’s superb massages

MR MM Torbay

Highly professional and effective massage and advice which eliminated muscle strain in my neck giving me pain free movement after only two sessions. Thank you.

Mr NB Teignbridge

Thank you for the recent Bowen treatment to relieve the pain pressure and streaming eyes I had from hay fever. I am please to let you know that the treatment has worked as it has relieved nearly all the symptoms I had been suffering from. Once again thank you.

Mr AS Newton Abbot

Paul’s sport massage is not for the faint hearted but after a hard run was the perfect way to recover. The tension and stiffness from my muscles has gone, I really do feel good, and ready to run the next race. If you want a quick recovery then I would highly recommend a visit to see Paul.

FS Torbay

Having suffered from a whiplash injury for 3 years, I had felt consigned to ‘live with it’, having tried chiropractic solutions, and plenty of rest, couple with gentle swimming and self massage. A friend told me of the ‘Bowen’ technigue, and in particular the application of it by Paul Rosati;  After just two treatments, I had become convinced that my pain was easing, and i was pain free after 4 treatments; I am not sure if it was both a combination of the application of the massage along with the exercises i was advised to do which did the trick, but I am just thrilled to be able to enjoy the increased range of movement again, which I had come to accept that I was not going to ever recover..Thank you

Mr.WC Exeter

Thank you the Training has made such a difference to how positive I feel, I am so chuffed.

Ms. SG Torbay

I could hardly get up in the morning because of the pain in my back, I was willing to try anything, it is helping in fact I feel like a spring chicken with only the occasional twinge.

Mr.GP Newton Abbot

I was a sceptic, but now I have less pain, I can move my shoulder, I sleep better and I feel really chilled.

Mr.GR Kingsteignton

I wasn’t sure I expected anything but worth a try. After the treatments I feel fantastic in fact I have not felt this comfortable running for years. I have improved my performance by over a minute a mile.

Mr.AN Kingswear

I had a three to four day recovery from my last marathon rather than my usual three to four weeks

Mrs.PR Paignton

This has been great not only I have I got rid of my bad back, the pain in my arms has gone, I can lift my arms above my head and I am much more relaxed
Mr.TD Newton Abbot

If I hadn’t experienced the immediate pain relief I would not have believed it was possible
Ms.HO Exeter

I had three areas that were affecting my life, my knee, my back and my shoulder. I can now play two rounds of golf in one day, with full shoulder movement and no pain in my back in fact my handicap has gone down to 6 and I have been running for the first time in years
Mr.CW Dainton

I first came for pain in my back and restricted shoulder movement, I was disappointed on the first evening, but the next day was different, I now have full movement in my shoulders and neck, no pain and much less tension after exercise
Mrs.FLO Paignton