Fit4Life Programme Testimonial

Dear Paul,
How wonderful to have lost  16lbs and be in a more healthy weight range.  Without your calm encouragement and guidance I may not have achieved this.  I have one more goal to attain, so I’ve not quite finished yet!
You have taught me to set realistic goals and given me the dietary knowledge and exercise skills to attain them.  When I had a weight plateau problem  you helped me realise the solution.  You had great ideas to help with my exercise routine to build strength and muscle.

Weight loss is not everything.
Thank you for your patient mentoring, without which I may still have been only “talking”. about getting healthier and fitter.  Instead, I have signed up to swim  the “Diabetes Challenge 22” over the next 3 months.  During that time I hope to swim 22 miles, the width of the Channel, in the swimming pool.  In that time I may even reach my last weight loss goal!
I know I can come to you in the future for any help I may need with my healthy and fitness, and would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend.
WA. Holcombe