Hip Testimonial

Hip testimonial
In April 2018 I was diagnosed with acute Gluteal tendinopathy in my right hip. After three physiotherapy appointments through the summer, and a steroid injection in August 2018 nothing was helping. I would struggle to walk up stairs, or walk for any long periods of time. Playing golf once a week was very painful, even after taking Ibuprofen which only ‘took the edge’ off the pain.
Just when I was wondering whether I would need to make a hospital appointment to see a specialist, Paul scheduled a hip strengthening circuit training session as part of his weekly circuit training classes.
I can’t begin to describe the improvement in my hip strength. Literally within two weeks I noticed a huge improvement.  My hip is now a lot less painful and with each week of doing these exercises it’s getting stronger by following Paul’s exercise routine. I can now play golf twice a week without any issues.

Testimonial for pain relief.

After many months of suffering from a painful arm, shoulder and neck and then lower back, I was was persuaded to see Paul by my son who hashed successful treatment from Paul himself. After just one session it was almost instant relief all rounded the days that followed it improved even more. Now, three treatments and two deep tissue massages later, I’m feeling like a new person. My mother and brother have also seen Paul and had similar results.Thank you Paul for making my body feel young again.

MS Ipplepen

Lose weight, get fitter and Feel Great


10st 5lb to 9st 2lb in 6 weeks and feeling great about my achievement and I am so pleased with the results, but none of it would of been possible without the help of Paul.  I know to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more but I felt I couldnt do it on my own and asked Paul for his help.  Together we agreed a realistic weight lose goal, and devised an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan to help me achieve that goal.  My goal was to lose 9lbs in 6 weeks, in fact I reached it in 3 weeks.  I set a new goal, which I hit, then another goal which to my surpise and delight I surpassed.  I cant thank Paul enough for all his help, encouragement and supprt.  I would highly recommend Paul to my friends and anyone wanting to lose weight, get fitter and feel great about themselves.

CD Totnes

Fit 4 Life Programme Testimonial

When everything was getting a bit too tight I knew it was time to do something

about it and with Paul’s persuasion and help it has been an achievable and

enjoyable journey. Setting goals that were within reach. I’m having a great time

getting fit and eating better than ever.


Post Surgery Testimonial

A huge thankyou once again for coming to my rescue. I came to you having had keyhole surgery for gall bladder removal. My main concern was tremendous neck pain, caused by weeks of hunching and crunching my neck and shoulder muscles. When I saw you I was in a pretty sorry state!
However you worked your usual magic and provided me with instant relief from the neck pain. I cant thank you enough, and find it very comforting to know you that you are there in times of pain and distress.
Best wishes

Fit4Life Programme Testimonial

Dear Paul,
How wonderful to have lost  16lbs and be in a more healthy weight range.  Without your calm encouragement and guidance I may not have achieved this.  I have one more goal to attain, so I’ve not quite finished yet!
You have taught me to set realistic goals and given me the dietary knowledge and exercise skills to attain them.  When I had a weight plateau problem  you helped me realise the solution.  You had great ideas to help with my exercise routine to build strength and muscle.

Weight loss is not everything.
Thank you for your patient mentoring, without which I may still have been only “talking”. about getting healthier and fitter.  Instead, I have signed up to swim  the “Diabetes Challenge 22” over the next 3 months.  During that time I hope to swim 22 miles, the width of the Channel, in the swimming pool.  In that time I may even reach my last weight loss goal!
I know I can come to you in the future for any help I may need with my healthy and fitness, and would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend.
WA. Holcombe

Sports Massage Testimonial

I had signed up to do the Stoke Gabriel 10k which is quite a tough off road race but I had a niggle in the top of my left, outer thigh. I asked Paul if he could fix it for me and he said to come in for a treatment asap, it was the Tuesday before the race. Paul gave me a deep tissue massage to free everything up, it felt a bit bruised for a day or two but come race day my leg was fine. I had a good race and was completely pain free with a full range of movement even going up all the hills and over some very uneven ground.


LL Goodrington

Bowen for Hay Fever and Tennis Elbow

Subject: Hay fever and tennis elbow

Comment: I’ve been a long sufferer of hay fever and was surprised how good I felt after a Bowen session that targeted it. After Paul’s treatment, my breathing felt a lot better and as strange as it sounds everything feels completely uncongested.

During the same treatment I mentioned to Paul about a tennis elbow strain on my right elbow… been rubbing pain relief gel on it with no improvement …. Paul’s treatment has made my elbow a lot better now, with no pain when moving my arm!!

Hi great to be back at training, nearly a testimonial.

Thanks for the lovely welcome back this week having had three months away.
It was great to get back to circuits and Pilates however following a great session of what seemed fairly easy (wishful thinking)I was really pleased I managed to pretty much keep up. ..even after being told to take things down a pace if needed…( note to self. .listen next time! )
The next day was rather uncomfortable with feeling like my arms and legs did not belong to my body…..
However…the day after. .10 times worse!
Walking down the stairs one stair at a time…inability to lift arms…hoping that I don’t drop anything as my thighs would give in and I wouldn’t be able to get back up from the floor!
Doesn’t help when I get a call from yourself and you made me laugh which felt like my ribs were fractured. .ha ha!
A great return all the same and can’t wait until next week! You’ll be pleased all my aching has resulted in two referral cards being handed out! !
See you Wednesday
LS Torquay

Testimonial for Fast Recovery

Subject: Testimonial

Comment: After a walking holiday I developed a severe pain in the top of the foot and shin area. My Doctor recommended 6 month rest which did not sound inviting and I decided to seek Pauls advice.
Paul designed a series of exercises to strengthen the weakness and after a month I am now walking comfortably and without pain.
I strongly recommend Paul for advice on any injury.