Hi great to be back at training, nearly a testimonial.

Thanks for the lovely welcome back this week having had three months away.
It was great to get back to circuits and Pilates however following a great session of what seemed fairly easy (wishful thinking)I was really pleased I managed to pretty much keep up. ..even after being told to take things down a pace if needed…( note to self. .listen next time! )
The next day was rather uncomfortable with feeling like my arms and legs did not belong to my body…..
However…the day after. .10 times worse!
Walking down the stairs one stair at a time…inability to lift arms…hoping that I don’t drop anything as my thighs would give in and I wouldn’t be able to get back up from the floor!
Doesn’t help when I get a call from yourself and you made me laugh which felt like my ribs were fractured. .ha ha!
A great return all the same and can’t wait until next week! You’ll be pleased all my aching has resulted in two referral cards being handed out! !
See you Wednesday
LS Torquay