Hip Testimonial

Hip testimonial
In April 2018 I was diagnosed with acute Gluteal tendinopathy in my right hip. After three physiotherapy appointments through the summer, and a steroid injection in August 2018 nothing was helping. I would struggle to walk up stairs, or walk for any long periods of time. Playing golf once a week was very painful, even after taking Ibuprofen which only ‘took the edge’ off the pain.
Just when I was wondering whether I would need to make a hospital appointment to see a specialist, Paul scheduled a hip strengthening circuit training session as part of his weekly circuit training classes.
I can’t begin to describe the improvement in my hip strength. Literally within two weeks I noticed a huge improvement.  My hip is now a lot less painful and with each week of doing these exercises it’s getting stronger by following Paul’s exercise routine. I can now play golf twice a week without any issues.