Lose weight, get fitter and Feel Great


10st 5lb to 9st 2lb in 6 weeks and feeling great about my achievement and I am so pleased with the results, but none of it would of been possible without the help of Paul.  I know to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more but I felt I couldnt do it on my own and asked Paul for his help.  Together we agreed a realistic weight lose goal, and devised an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan to help me achieve that goal.  My goal was to lose 9lbs in 6 weeks, in fact I reached it in 3 weeks.  I set a new goal, which I hit, then another goal which to my surpise and delight I surpassed.  I cant thank Paul enough for all his help, encouragement and supprt.  I would highly recommend Paul to my friends and anyone wanting to lose weight, get fitter and feel great about themselves.

CD Totnes