Class Timetable 5th Nov


While i can do one to ones outside if you would prefer

I will run the online classes, at the moment the proposed schedule is as follows, please feedback and i will update.

Pilates Monday 3:30pm
Pilates Tuesday 7pm
Pilates Wednesday 6:45pm
Pilates Thursday 8pm
Pilates  Friday 10:30am

Circuits Wednesday 5:30pm
Circuits Thursday 6:45pm

Agility Wednesday 9am

Low intensity Thursday 9am

Apart from agility which will be on messenger .

See you soon


January 2020 Class Timetable

6PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
8PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
8CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
9CircuitsMain Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
9PilatesMain Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
10PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am
13PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
15PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
15CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
16CircuitsSide Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
16PilatesSide Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
17PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am
20PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
22PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
22CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
23CircuitsMain Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
23PilatesMain Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
24PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am
27PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
29PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
29CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
30CircuitsMethodist Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
30PilatesMethodist Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
31PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am

December Class Timetable

2PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
3PilatesMain Village Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
4PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
4CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
5CircuitsSide Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
5PilatesSide Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
6PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am
9PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
10PilatesMain Village Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
11PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
11CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
12CircuitsMethodist Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
12PilatesMethodist Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
13PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am
16PilatesHolcombe Joan Copp Room3:00pm
17PilatesMain Village Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
18PilatesCoverdale Centre, Paignton6:30pm
18CircuitsCoverdale Centre, Paignton7:30pm
19CircuitsMain Hall, Ipplepen7.00pm
19PilatesMain Hall, Ipplepen8.00pm
20PilatesHeathfield Community centre10:30am

November Class Timetable

2018 November    
1 Circuits Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7.00pm
1 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 8.00pm
2 Pilates Heathfield Community centre 10:30am
5 Pilates Holcombe Village Hall 3:00pm
6 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7:00pm
7 Pilates St Andrews Hall Ipplepen 4.00pm
7 Circuits St Matthias Hall Torquay 7.00pm
7 Pilates St Matthias Hall Torquay 8.00pm
8 Circuits Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7.00pm
8 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 8.00pm
9 Pilates Heathfield Community centre 10:30am
12 Pilates Holcombe Village Hall 3:00pm
13 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7:00pm
14 Pilates St Andrews Hall Ipplepen 4.00pm
14 Circuits St Matthias Hall Torquay 7.00pm
14 Pilates St Matthias Hall Torquay 8.00pm
15 Circuits Side Hall, Ipplepen 7.00pm
15 Pilates Side Hall, Ipplepen 8.00pm
16 Pilates Heathfield Community centre 10:30am
19 Pilates Holcombe Village Hall 3:00pm
20 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7:00pm
21 Pilates St Andrews Hall Ipplepen 4.00pm
21 Circuits St Matthias Hall Torquay 7.00pm
21 Pilates St Matthias Hall Torquay 8.00pm
22 Circuits Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7.00pm
22 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 8.00pm
23 Pilates Heathfield Community centre 10:30am
26 Pilates Holcombe Village Hall 3:00pm
27 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7:00pm
28 Pilates St Andrews Hall Ipplepen 4.00pm
28 Circuits St Matthias Hall Torquay 7.00pm
28 Pilates St Matthias Hall Torquay 8.00pm
29 Circuits Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 7.00pm
29 Pilates Main Village Hall, Ipplepen 8.00pm
30 Pilates Heathfield Community centre 10:30am


Charity Bowen Weekend

Dear Paul,

Many congratulations on achieving your Specialised Bowen Procedures Modules 1 and 2 qualifications, and many thanks indeed to you and your clients for the generous donation of £375 to Samaritans of South Devon. We are both pleased to have been ‘placed in the hat’ of local charities as potential recipients of your clients’ generosity, and naturally delighted to have been randomly selected.

Please accept our grateful thanks and convey our gratitude to the Fit4Life Devon clients who participated.  Samaritans of South Devon in Torquay is self-funding, and your donation will certainly help us to help others more effectively.   I’ve asked our Publicity Officer to post a photo and acknowledgement on our website samaritans.org/southdevon

Thanks once again. We wish you and Fit4Life Devon every success in future.

Best regards,

Val Kirkin

Deputy Director Outreach

Samaritans of South Devon

Bowen Charity Day

Just Giving have notified me that we were in the top 1% of donors for July

You were one of the most generous donors on JustGiving in July. Out of 438915 donors, you were in the top 1%!

Thank you so much.
Share this achievement with your friends.

You helped me refresh my Bowen techniques before my masters training and your donations for the treatments meant we were able to help The Devon Air Ambulance.

Thanks again for donating £350,
Just Giving are sending it straight to Devon Air Ambulance Trust so you’ll be making a difference very soon.


A word from Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Thank you for supporting Devon Air Ambulance, you are making a huge difference to keep Devon’s 2 Air Ambulances airborne. We are proud to be independent of Government funding and the operating costs of the service are met by public fundraising and donations. This year we celebrate 25 years of service thanks to the generous support we receive. Thank you once again for your generous support. Heléna Holt Chief Executive Devon Air Ambulance

Bowen testimonial for pelvic alignment

Bowen “what is that” it’s AMAZING ….😁
I had my first experience yesterday… my hips are out of balance and caused me discomfort on a daily basis also effects what I wear.
So when Paul suggested Bowen 😳 I agreed not knowing anything about it but had full trust in Paul as I’ve been treated by him for the past 2 years… it’s a gentle and very relaxing treatment which lets your own body do the work… sounds crazy I know!!!
All I can say is give it a go …

Loving my new Hips amazing… so happy 😁

SR Torbay

Bowen Works

Here is a huge thank you for giving me a new lease of life! I came to you with what I think was a sciatic pain in my buttock which I had for over a year. Sessions with an osteopath and chiropractor gave no relief what so ever. However 2 bowen sessions with you and the pain disappeared. This has made a huge difference in my life, enjoying badminton and tennis again, and being able to walk without pain. It is reassuring that I can see you for the occasional M.O.T when I need it. You laughed when I called you a wizard, but what you have done seems truly magical to me!

Best wishes


Indian Head Massage now available

My first ever Indian Head massage today with Paul Rosati. Fantastic therapy which left me more relaxed than I’ve been for weeks! And I can now move my head and shoulders without them clicking and grinding all over the place! Would highly recommend, thanks Paul

DB Kingskerswell

Paul offers a welcoming environment in which I felt totally relaxed- instantly! I received an Indian Head massage where Paul focused on my areas of tension, I could feel such a difference in my shoulders, it was amazing! He has a great touch and I left feeling super! I will definitely be booking another!

CM Ipplepen

Very relaxing and gentle, Chair very comfortable.

Didn’t know what to expect but it was nice.

KN   Kingskerswell

Really good pressure, Lovely and relaxing, Nice atmosphere

JF Ipplepen

Very relaxing experience, my neck and shoulders felt much better and I had a warm feeling afterwards, Thanks.

SM High Week

Extremely relaxing – reached areas I didn’t realize needed it!

ST Newton Abbot

I was very surprised at how relaxed I felt after the massage especially as I asked for a lot of pressure to be applied to my shoulders as they were very tense from driving. I will have it again some time.


Smilie Ipplepen

Very soothing, shoulder and neck massage, was unexpected and very nice, the muscles have benefitted. I am blissed out . Thank you.

SW Bickington

Wonderful, very relaxing, eased all my aching muscles. Couldn’t believe how floppy I was getting.

RM Bickington

I have now had the Indian Head Massage by Paul , his technique was really good and I found the whole experience very relaxing.

Community Nurse Testamonial

Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I can’t thank her enough! I have suffered for years with weakness to my L5 following a herniated disc. In December I could barely walk with pain to my lower back, buttocks and legs. The hospital surgeon said I had a dysfunctional back after years of adapting movements to compensate for pain. Their only solution was I needed to go back to basics and learn how to move.  Easier said than done when every movement causes pain!  
That’s where Paul came in with bowen therapy and a not so fluffy sports massage! It has taken a few months but  I am now able to move enough to  attend Paul’s pilates class as well. I can almost touch my toes again!!. 
Without having Bowen Therapy I really don’t know where I would be now so I can not recommend Paul highly enough to everybody. 
Thanks Paul

CB Community Nurse