Bowen Works

Here is a huge thank you for giving me a new lease of life! I came to you with what I think was a sciatic pain in my buttock which I had for over a year. Sessions with an osteopath and chiropractor gave no relief what so ever. However 2 bowen sessions with you and the pain disappeared. This has made a huge difference in my life, enjoying badminton and tennis again, and being able to walk without pain. It is reassuring that I can see you for the occasional M.O.T when I need it. You laughed when I called you a wizard, but what you have done seems truly magical to me!

Best wishes


Relief from Back Pain through Bowen Therapy

Dear Paul, 

For months/years as you are aware I have suffered from severe back pain which resulted in regular visits to my GP and meant  seeing  Physiotherapists, along with doses of non effective pain killers which I have not wanted to take but some days have had little choice.

However since being recommended by a good friend and after three subsequent visits to your surgery the difference in my pain relief is remarkable, not only has my back pain reduced to virtually zero but my walking and posture have been improved vastly..

I would like to say thank you not only for my present relief but also for the knowledge that you are available to me if any reoccurrence should appear..

I would have no problem in recommending you to any of my friends who suffer from painful muscular problems for your help and advice.

Once again thank you very much.

Kind regards EH

Health and Happiness is a walk in the Mountains

I needed to get fit for a walking holiday in the Cevennes mountains in the South of France. I had been finishing a book over the winter, ie sitting down a lot, had put on some weight and was suffering from painful knees. I’m 67years old. Paul designed a tough schedule for me.

I walked every day: every week I was to take one long walk (10 miles), two shorter walks (5-8 miles) and four ‘constitutionals’. In addition I was to swim once a week and continue in the Pilates class. He also suggested ways to take my diet in hand, and some exercises for the knees. Paul took me out walking on Dartmoor twice, to stretch me further.

This programme lasted for six weeks.

The highlights:

I managed the tough walking schedule in the Cevennes Mountains in France (70 miles in 6 days, much of it steeply up or down).

I really enjoyed the Dartmoor walks, with Paul and on my own.

I could see I had got fitter, lost weight and although slow, could get up those hills.

What Paul added

Paul helped me define my goal: to get fit for a strenuous French walking holiday.

His feedback gave me confidence and encouragement, like showing me how to deal with rasping breathlessness. He had good ideas to make daily walking more interesting: walking new routes, by the sea or on Dartmoor, sending him photos as I completed them.

I’m now working on maintaining my fitness with Paul in a new programme.


Caroline Lodge

Le Rozier

Feel great, Save time, enjoy quality training.

Paul’s training has given my running real focus. His targets have been challenging and really motivating. I have two young children, run my own business and volunteer for several hours a week. Despite all these other pressures of life (that I am sure lots of people would recognise in their own) I really look forward to sessions with Paul – both one-to-one training that directly supports my running technique, as well as Pilates classes. I also really respect the approach Paul has to helping runners like me understand our own training. He has supported me to get the most out of sessions I do on my own, as well as when I run with friends or participate in organised events. I also now incorporate Pilates into my training across the week and this, with Paul’s classes has improved my strengthen, recovery after running and just generally my ability to keep fit and well. I’ve been running for years but never enjoyed it as much. Thanks Paul!

Pilates will help your Garden Grow.

I want to send you a brief note to say how pilates and the way you present it has helped me so much with general mobility and fitness.  I notice my back strengthening particularly now as gardening becomes my major task with a lot of moving of pots, working the soil, moving of compost bags and carrying watering cans.  In the past much of my gardening would have been done kneeling down and always at the end of the day ending up with a sore lower back.  Now I can work for hours, obviously being careful how I move, but the difference is very noticeable and I have no back pain at all.  As a result the garden looks lovely, and I continue to move freely and painlessly!!  I am so pleased I found one of Paul’s pilates groups.

With best wishes, MG Bickington

Bowen Testimonial for Hayfever

So as we are all aware hayfever season is well and truly upon us. I, for one have really suffered this year and have been dosed up to the eyeballs.
Imagine my surprise when I got the chance to try Bowen as a remedy for hayfever. To say I was a doubting Thomas would be an understatement! However Paul worked his magic and I was blown away.
I felt that huge weight on my sinuses lift, I could breathe again and the difference has been immeasurable. I guess a huge thing was feeling relaxed as with the hayfever my face,neck is always tense because of congestion or squinting.
I didn’t need any more nasal sprays that day or in fact the following, no more eye drops either! It’s almost like magic and I would recommend it to anyone, it only takes about 5 minutes and the relief it brings surpassed my every expectation.
Thanks so so much amazing!!

BL Paignton